Option One: Email

If you have an image or file under 8mb in size then you can email it over to us and we can then approve it and upload to the map for you. When you do email your file to us, please provide details about yourself and your file. So for example, if you are sending a hand drawn image, it would be good to explain your thinking behind the drawing. What the drawing is or perhaps where it was drawn and if it’s a location in Bicester. If you struggle to think of a small description, let us know and we will happily assist you.

If you wish to email, simply click here to send your file via email.

Option Two: Upload

If your file is a video file then you want to upload it, we recommend using an online service such as Vimeo or YouTube. Once you have uploaded your video, you will only need to then email the link to the video and we can then embed this onto the map for you once it has been approved.

Option Three: Post

The final option is to post your file to us on a disk, or if it’s an image, send us a paper copy. If you have a video file that exceeds 10mg in size and you do not wish to upload it manually, your best method would be to put it in the post or drop it by to the Community Arts Center. Our address is: